Convenient, Responsible Care When You Can’t Be There

Geneva Oaks Animal Hospital proudly offers boarding to our clients. We have outstanding facilities, and our staff carefully maintains sanitary conditions to help keep our hospital odor and disease free. We welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of our facility. Please contact us at 407-349-9536 to schedule a time to tour the facility (available Monday-Saturday)

We provide a variety of runs for our dogs giving us the ability to house the small dogs in a different room from the larger breeds (if requested) as well as having an area for any senior fur babies that may be staying with us. Our dogs are walked a minimum of three times a day and additional walks and/or playtime are available upon request. You can rest easy knowing your canine companion will not be caged or crated while you’re away. They have spacious indoor/outdoor runs with a dog door to come and go throughout the day. All outside runs are covered and secure to protect them from harsh weather or storms and inside they will enjoy the refreshing air conditioning just like they would at home.

Our separate cat area is equipped with “cat condos” that provide a more enriching environment where your cat can perch at different levels to view the surroundings better. We have arranged the cat accommodations in a comfortable and quiet area so as to minimize any stress on the cats that are staying with us. We have several cat towers, scratching posts, toys and perches for the cats to enjoy. (Don’t worry, we do not allow cats to “play” or interact together unless they are from the same household and the owner requests they be together)

The pet care staff of Geneva Oaks pays special attention to every individual pet boarding in our facility. Our boarding staff observes every detail of your pet’s stay, including appetite, elimination habits, medication administration, and so on. When any of these routine behaviors change, our medical staff is ready to provide the needed care to address the problem. Our goal is to catch any changes before they become problematic.We regularly take care of pets with special needs, seniors, and diabetic pets. Our primary goal for these special patients is to keep them as comfortable and cozy as possible while providing the optimal care and medical attention they need.Our accommodations can also meet the needs of exotic patients, including birds, reptiles, small mammals, and bunnies. Our staff is carefully trained to meet the needs of most species of pets, and we enjoy the variety!

We proudly serve both canine and feline Hills Science Diet at no additional cost. We strongly recommend bringing the food your pet is accustomed to eating at home (including any supplements or special treats) to minimize the chance of dietary issues associated with stress and/or a sudden change in diet. We will get both feeding and medication instructions at the time of check in and keep detailed records for each pet on daily food, water, supplement and medication intake. There is no additional charge to medicate your pet during their stay with us.

While we don’t have a huge boarding facility, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide individual attention to our boarding patients. Because our boarding facility is not too large, at peak travel periods—especially around the holidays and spring break—we are usually booked well in advance. If you are interested in boarding your pets with us, please plan ahead. We encourage you to contact our staff at Geneva Oaks with any questions you may have or to book your pets stay with us. We look forward to pampering your fur baby when you are not able to!